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My amazing week at the Commission

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I really did not know what to expect when joining the Commission. Like any other anxious student I did my research but to be honest I was slightly confused and a bit nervous. Okay, very nervous!

My first day was pretty busy. I met Nicoletta at 10am and she guided me to the office. I was given a little presentation about the Commission and then introduced to everybody. I felt bad because I kept forgetting people’s names, but now (Friday, my last day) looking round the office I’ve managed to name a decent amount of faces.

I was placed in the “Investors in People” team for the first day. I learned how this group helps businesses perform better by working with employers and employees on their business and communication skills. I really liked working there. My first few tasks were given to me during a meeting with Ian, where he explained that I would be doing some research on how to make the “Investors in People” App popular.

My second day was pretty challenging too. Unfortunately I was pretty ill for most of the day, which was super inconvenient as there are “soo many” work experience opportunities! (That was me being sarcastic) It goes to show I have the worst timing in the world. So I’ll take this opportunity to apologise to everyone who had to bear with my sniffling. Sorry!

Anyway back to it, for my second day I got to work in policy alongside Essie who I must say was great! She was really kind, patient as well as extremely helpful throughout the week. She gave me a task to write a press release on the disappearance of the Saturday job. I found this really interesting as I found out how the catch 22 situation was affecting so many young people today — reducing not just their chances of obtaining a Saturday job but a job in general. Despite finding it really interesting, I also found pretty hard as I had never written a press release before. It tested my ability to record information and present it in a way that was interesting, brief and accurate. I met Reema who was really nice (and funny) in the afternoon and we discussed what the Commission does, what happens in communications and what I could write in this blog.

My third day at the Commission was non-existent. I was really upset as I was really looking forward into coming in and finding out what my tasks were going to be but I was ill, so unfortunately I had to stay at home as I didn’t want to pass it round.

Looking back I’ve really enjoyed my time here. Everyone’s been really friendly and supportive, especially Reema who’s been reassuring me all day about my mock interview later. I had a meeting with Alex earlier, who was really helpful. She explained how the advertising industry works, what goes on in journalism and what’s involved in PR jobs.

My mock interview was really, really good surprisingly! My interviewer Alison was super nice, and best of all I wasn’t that nervous. It went well and Alison gave me good feedback. I think interviews are really interesting because we have to advertise ourselves for the role, and I don’t think it’s something that comes naturally so it really requires effort and mock interviews are a really useful tool.

My week has been amazing! I cannot stress that enough. Despite it being challenging at times the benefits are amazing. It has really increased my confidence in my work. So thank you UKCES!



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