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High-quality labour market intelligence made simple, relevant and local

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Embodying Sheffield’s industrial past, Krantech manufacture complex structures for clients in the oil and gas sector among others. When the company was looking to recruit more young people Paul Wright, one of the directors, took advantage of Skills Made Easy, …

Statistics are no substitute for insight and judgement

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Imagine you’re buying a house, what would you do? You'd fire up your laptop, search for ‘estate agent’, and put your cursor on the first house you see, before gladly handing over your hard earned cash. Wouldn't you? No, of …

Settle for a job or aim for a career? How LMI for All can help you

Is a ‘career’ a string of jobs which we retrospectively say were all part of a masterplan? I don’t think so, certainly not for most of us. For me, the key element which makes a string of jobs a career …