The pre-election period

The UK general election takes place on 7 May. Between the end of this Parliament on 30 March and the election, the Civil Service will say and do less in public. As a non-departmental public body, UKCES abides by the General Election Guidance issued by the Cabinet Office.

So, this blog will be going quiet, along with the @UKCES Twitter account, our Youtube channel, and our other social media. We will also be publishing fewer reports on our GOV.UK pages. We will still announce information essential to continuing the government’s day-to-day work.

Although we may be doing less public communication, we’ll still be working away more or less as normal. Just saying less about it.

While we're on the subject of elections, don't forget to register to vote. The deadline is 20 April. You can do it online, and it takes about the same time as making a cup of tea.

Thanks to all our readers, and see you soon.

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