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The extra gear: the role of management and leadership in boosting productivity

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The UK’s productivity puzzle has politicians, economists and commentators scratching their heads. While the economic recovery has been marked by rising employment, productivity growth has not followed. In fact, had productivity continued to rise at the pre-recession rate, it would …

University students, the Oscars and Gravity - how collaboration brought them together

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Ten years ago the team at Framestore identified a need to collaborate more closely with higher education institutions in order to support, influence and assist new entrants to the creative sector to be better industry focussed. Our efforts have taken …

Why employers shouldn’t forget about flexible workers

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Flexible and atypical contracts – including temporary, casual and freelance work, along with the more controversial zero hours contracts – have garnered increasing media attention recently, with the issue of zero hours contracts in particular attracting criticism from all corners. …

Training smarter, not harder? Shedding light on the training conundrum

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image of the employee 2.0 - training smarter not harder

The UK economy is emerging from the longest and deepest recession since the 1930s. Business profits have been affected, and the public sector has experienced job losses and wage freezes. In difficult economic times, it is sometimes feared that employers …