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Statistics are no substitute for insight and judgement

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Imagine you’re buying a house, what would you do? You'd fire up your laptop, search for ‘estate agent’, and put your cursor on the first house you see, before gladly handing over your hard earned cash. Wouldn't you? No, of …

Work Experience Wednesday - Sarah Marsh

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Over the last few weeks, we've been using the UKCES blog to highlight thoughts and reflections from some of the young people who worked with us this summer. As well as our longer-term Apprentices, graduate internship programmes and short-term work experience placements, …

Settle for a job or aim for a career? How LMI for All can help you

Is a ‘career’ a string of jobs which we retrospectively say were all part of a masterplan? I don’t think so, certainly not for most of us. For me, the key element which makes a string of jobs a career …

University students, the Oscars and Gravity - how collaboration brought them together

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Ten years ago the team at Framestore identified a need to collaborate more closely with higher education institutions in order to support, influence and assist new entrants to the creative sector to be better industry focussed. Our efforts have taken …

How a logistics placement helped me transition to a civilian career

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image of lots of trucks

It was a real challenge for me leaving my 18 year career in the Royal Air Force. I enjoy working with, and leading, groups of people and my preference was to work in some kind of operations / project management …

Training smarter, not harder? Shedding light on the training conundrum

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image of the employee 2.0 - training smarter not harder

The UK economy is emerging from the longest and deepest recession since the 1930s. Business profits have been affected, and the public sector has experienced job losses and wage freezes. In difficult economic times, it is sometimes feared that employers …

Expert Women: Dr Emily Sidonie Grossman on her training day experience

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Dr Emily Sidonie Grossman

Getting selected for the BBC Academy’s Expert Women Day was one of the most exciting things that has happened to me in a long time, and was totally unexpected. In September my mum sent me a link to an advert …